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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why Steve Lonegan is the right man for the job of governor of New Jersey.

Mayor Steve Lonegan is the most conservative candidate I have seen for any political position in my nearly 20 years of following politics (although the last 10 years is when I started following it much more closely). There are few politicians who are conservative and don't dance around it to try to gain voters. They speak conservatism and win voters on ideas, not tricking them into voting for them by playing games with their words.

Here are 4 points that Lonegan has not been afraid to stick with, despite the criticism from fellow "conservative" Chris Christie, which shows everyone who the true conservative is, and who the politician is.

- A flat tax. Let me say it again. A FLAT tax. Sure, some people who aren't paying taxes now will pay a little more, but what is going on when some people aren't paying taxes at all? If they don't have any money in the game, they won't care how wasteful Trenton is with OPM (Other People's Money).

- No corporate or small business taxes. In the end, the employee pays this with lower wages or the consumer in higher prices. Let's cut the levels of taxation. There's no need for that many.

- School funding is another area that needs to change. Why can suburban town educate better than the cities for significantly less money per student. If the suburbs can do it for less, so can the cities; they just choose not to. When the city sees money flowing out of their school systems to provide a better education in a charter school, maybe they'll find out how to do more with less.

- Property taxes, and the rebates in particular, are a joke. Le me take thousands of your hard earned dollars, waste most of it, and whatever I didn't get a chance to squander, I'll return. This is a feel-good measure timed close to elections to make you think Trenton is working for you. Don't be fooled, if they were really working for you, they would have only taken what they needed in the first place. Let me keep the rest so I have it when I need it.

Well, my thumbs are tiring out, so I'll end this mobile blog here. Think about this when you vote in the primaries tomorrow. And remember, now is always the best time to start doing things the right way.

- Clinton

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