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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get ready America, This message is coming to the states soon, I'm sure.

If you think government over-reaches now with what they tell our kids in school, wait until this message comes to shore from our friends across the pond. All in the name of better health...

The Associated Press: UK health booklet's message: Teen sex can be fun: "UK health booklet's message: Teen sex can be fun
By GREGORY KATZ – 1 day ago
LONDON (AP) — Britain's National Health Service has a message for teens: Sex can be fun. Health officials are trying to change the tone of sex education by urging teachers to emphasize that sexual relations can be healthy and pleasurable instead of simply explaining the mechanics of sex and warning about diseases."

Just what every child needs to hear. If we dont start doing something as a nation NOW to turn the tide of socialism, stuff like this will be here in no time.


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